Architecture + Design

Salas Architecture + Design Studio is developing an architectural concept based on the design of pure shapes made of raw materials to sculpt and filter incoming light, building expressive and suggestive spaces for human perception. A team who offers thoughtful and innovative solutions through a constant interdisciplinary dialogue. Programmatic innovation is a substantial piece of this philosophy. Above all, this exposed sincerity is followed by an efficient and practical service to the changing necessities of users.

Juan Carlos Salas has worked since 2009 as an architect and since 2016 as an associate professor at the University of Zaragoza. He has developed his professional career in four different countries: Spain (Saragossa), USA (New York), Germany (Berlin) and Poland (Warsaw). He graduated in 2009 from Valencia Polytechnic University and he has been a Licensed Architect of the Aragón Chapter of the COAA (Official Association of Architects of Spain) since 2010. In the year 2016 he was awarded with the 1st Prize of the XXXI García Mercadal Awards, which is granted to the best architectural work of the year in Aragón (Spain).

Juan Carlos Salas

Building Engineer
Javier Muñoz

Interior Designer
Lara Trullen

Structural Engineering Consultant
Fernando Calvés

Mechanical Engineering Consultants

Acoustical Engineering Consultants
Nivel – 4

Creative Designing Consultants
Bogart y Bacall